Last minute fancy dress ideas!

The date for the Bath Skeptics ‘Geek Pride Celebrations’ is fast approaching and I bet some of you haven’t even written out your Vogon inspired poems… there’s still time left though so fear not!

The biggest problem people seem to be having is finding inspiration for their Geek Pride fancy dress costumes, the best of which will win a prize, so I thought I’d piece together a blog to give those of you who are still costumeless some last minute ideas for great costumes that you can make yourself.

Of course, you could buy or hire a costume from a shop which is fair enough, but making your own is much more fun!

Arthur Dent

With just a dressing gown over some casual clothes or pyjamas you can transform yourself into the main character from ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy’.

Star Trek Costume

You can hire these from shops, but why not make your own by finding a blue, yellow or (if you’re brave enough) red long sleeved top/dress. Create your own badge using some cardboard, foil and a safety pin and you’re ready to beam up!

Tin foil hat

Follow these step by step directions to make your own tin foil hat to wear along to the quiz.


If you worked hard enough you could put together a really good astronaut suit from things laying around at home and the odd thing bought at the local hardware store. For a last minute costume though why not throw together a dustsuit/jump suit with some boots and an oversized headset with a mic?

Back to the Future

With a red body warmer, some sunglasses and a skate board you can transform yourself into Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’. Or loose the sunglasses and skateboard and throw in a backpack and baseball cap to become Ash from Pokemon.

MIB agent

A black suit with added sunglasses instantly transforms you into an agent of the ‘Men in Black’. Just be sure to refer to yourself as the first letter of your name for the whole evening for added effect.

These are just a few ideas, and although it can be tricky to work something out it can be surprising what costumes you might already have around your house. It doesn’t have to cost too much (mine cost me £9 in total from local charity shops) and it doesn’t have to look professionally made – It’s the thought that counts the most!

Remember, all money raised is going to ‘Save The Rhino’, of which Douglas Adams was a founder patron. What better charity to raise funds for on ‘International Geek Day’ and Towel Day?

A date for your diary

Bath Geek Pride Celebrations will start at 7pm on May 25th at The Westgate on West Gate Street, Bath.
The evening will include a geek pub quiz, optional fancy dress contest and Vogon Poetry Recital.

Entry is £3 with all money going to ‘Save The Rhino’.

Be there and be square!


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