Call To Action: Chair Of The Select Health Committee

Do you value evidence based healthcare and health-related policies? On June 17th MPs can decide who will chair the Health Select Committee. The two potential candidates for chair are:

  • Dr Sarah Wollaston MP – Member of Parliament for Totnes
  • David Tredinnick MP – Member of Parliament for Bosworth

Why should skeptics care?

David Tredinnick is a fan of Medical Astrology and once claimed £210 for astrology software and £300 for tuition for the software. He believes that surgeons do not operate when the moon is full as it causes increased bleeding, he has spoken in the house on funding for Chinese herbal medicine, accusing critics of being racist and his questions in parliament have promoted homeopathy, radionics (remote psychic healing) and astrology. He has also been involved in campaigns to promote herbalism and has also been the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated and Complementary Healthcare since 2002

Is this really a man what you want to chair the Select Health Committee – the governmental committee appointed to examine and assess the policies of the Department of Health?

Visit Write To to write directly to your MP today. Pop in your postcode and follow the instructions.

The Good Thinking Society have provided a letter template than you can copy and paste here.